hospitalized, Donald Trump takes a road trip to greet his supporters

Donald Trump is absolutely ready to show he does it right. The President of the United States briefly greeted his supporters from his car outside the hospital on Sunday, October 4, as his doctors believe the return of the sick chief with Covid-19 to the White House is possible as early as Monday, if his la condition continues. get better.

Trump had prepared the ground by broadcasting on his behalf Twitter a video in which he warned that a "Little surprise for the great patriots who have been waiting for a long time on the streets with 'Trump' flags."

A convoy of black vehicles appeared outside the gates of Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington in the early afternoon, and Donald Trump, masked, greeted his many supporters through the window, who were all sitting there . the weekend. end. Shortly afterwards, the White House announced that the president had returned to the hospital.

In his video message, Donald Trump also makes an astonishing confession:

“I learned a lot about Covid, I learned it by experiencing it myself, it’s the school of life. I got it right and it's very interesting. “

After two nights in the hospital, cautious optimism prevailed among those around him on Sunday, even though the White House doctor finally admitted at a press conference that his patient's initial condition was more serious than that. which had been officially declared as a first step.

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Your doctor's sandal

Return in connection with your press point on SaturdayDr Sean Conley confirmed that Donald Trump needed oxygen supplementation for about an hour in the White House on Friday, an episode deemed sufficiently disturbing to decide to hospitalize for the night.

"I was concerned about the potentially rapid progression of the disease, I recommended supplementation with oxygen to the President"said Sean Conley, who said Donald Trump was not out of breath. The doctor admitted he had not revealed this incident the day before to project an image. "Optimistic". While Presidential Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, meanwhile, told reporters the past 24 hours have been very concerning.

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Sean Conley also announced that on Saturday "Morning", another episode of decreased oxygen saturation had occurred. And also on Saturday, the doctors administered to the president a third treatment, dexamethasone, a corticosteroid effective against severe forms of Covid-19, in addition to the antiviral remdesivir and the experimental cocktail from the company Regeneron, administered from Friday .

“Solidly responsible”

But the medical team said on Sunday that the improvement in symptoms was such that they were preparing for Trump's return to the White House, where he could continue with injections of remdesivir, among other things, with intravenous treatment planned to last. five. days. “We can do a lot of things in the White House”said the president's spokesperson, Alyssa Farah.

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Donald Trump asked on Sunday to give the image of a president admittedly hospitalized, but at work – “Firmly in control”according to Robert O’Brien, his national security adviser, on CBS. The septuagenarian circulated photographs of him " at work " from the hospital, and posted two videos of the hospital. Saturday night he admitted the next few days would be “The real test”Covid-19 is known for the sudden degradation that some patients undergo after a tolerable initial phase.

The US president had to halt his campaign as he sought a second term in the November 3 election.

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