The suitcase can be the puzzle at the start of a vacation. Some take several days to do it, to choose what to put in it and especially to try to fit everything. But it’s all a question of method and small innovations.

Destination chosen, tickets purchased, luggage ready, we can finally go on vacation. Unfortunately, packing your bags is not that easy. Suitcases require method. Christine Tessier is a storage consultant. She helps Sophie, who is going to spend two days in Avignon.

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First step, take only the essentials, what you like the most, what you are proud of. Then slip your underwear, toothbrush, etc. into resealable bags. Finally to save space, we fold Marie Kondo way, the world reference in storage.

“This folding method makes it possible to have a suitcase that is very easy to manage. We see absolutely everything we have. And, that allows you not to spend all your vacation packing, unpacking, packing your suitcase, ”says the storage consultant at My Better Place in Paris.

Often our luggage is cabin size, not very large. Some accessories have therefore been designed to take up much less space than before. Like that roll-up water bottle, that foldable backpack, that compact espresso machine, or that travel washing machine: you knead the laundry the old-fashioned way yourself. This great brand has gone even further, by inventing 100% inflatable objects. Surf, for example, folds in ten seconds. From folding boxer shorts to surfing, you are, in theory, good to go. Come on, have a good vacation!

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