Holidays in the Covid era: 5 tips for traveling in a camper

Consejos Camper 1 - Holidays in the Covid era: 5 tips for traveling in a camper


It is becoming more and more fashionable to spend holidays with family or friends in a campervan. It's a booming segment, so it doesn't hurt to see these practical tips with things to keep in mind for neophytes.

Although with the Coronavirus crisis it has been revealed as an ideal alternative for vacations, the camper world had already been in full swing for several years and with more and more followers. For the more veteran, these topics may be obvious, but there are many neophytes to whom these tips for traveling in a camper they will come in handy.

The most important thing is to apply the basic rules of common sense, but there are things that we may not take into account, simply because we have never seen ourselves in this situation before nor have we traveled in a camper or slept and made life in them.

The first thing that we must take into account are the most important limitations with which we will have to live:

  • Space is limited
  • The toilet
  • The quartermaster
  • Safety
  • Temperature

With this in mind, let's look at some simple tips forso that our first experiences in a camper do not end up being a bad memory.

Tips for a camper holiday: optimizing spaces

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We have to assume that we are going to make our lives in a space that is smaller than a room. Campers usually come equipped with many holes to leave things, but they will not be enough if we do not prioritize. You have to be practical and leave things that are more voluminous or that take up a lot of space at home. We must choose very well the clothes that we are going to wear, the footwear and, above all, the pots, plates, cutlery … that we are going to use.

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Please note that it is a moving vehicle, so avoid carrying items that can break or are too heavy. Better plastic or metal plates, glasses and dishes than glass or ceramic that can break or be thrown at us if a cabinet is opened on a curve. By the way, the rule of thumb is that the heaviest things must always be kept as low as possible.

Tips for a camper holiday: grooming

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Another important point when living in a camper is cleanliness. There are maxi-camper models that are almost a motorhome and have a chemical toilet in which to relieve ourselves, but most have at most a portable shower and two tanks, one for clean water and the other for collecting dirty water.

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It is important to bring a basin with us that will be very useful to wash ourselves when we do not have access to some bathrooms in a campsite.

Without a doubt, the trickiest thing is the issue of physiological needs. Without a toilet in the camper We will have to get used to taking advantage of the moments in which we are in a cafeteria, service station, etc. In the case of extreme necessity, we have to try to be as respectful as possible and avoid leaving our signature wherever we go. Avoid using wet wipes that take a long time to break down And, if you use them, put them in a bag that closes well and take them with you to throw them in a container.

There are portable toilets that are very practical and recommended, thus we will avoid this type of problems.

Tips for a camper holiday: the quartermaster

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The quartermaster is another important section and we must take it into account especially on the subject of space. When we go on vacation, we fill the car with suitcases with clothes, but we don't take food with us. In a camper we will have to distribute the space for what we are going to wear and for what we are going to eat.

Some people think that they will travel and sleep in the camper but they will eat in restaurants or beach bars. The reality is that later you will find magical dining watching the sunset or having breakfast at dawn next to the camper, so you have to take a minimum with us, especially water, drinks, cookies, fruit, preserves … avoid carrying too many things that need to be refrigerated, because the refrigerator, if you have it, will not be very big.

If the camper has a kitchen cabinet, it is better that you take it outside and cook outside. This way you avoid fire risks, staining and, above all, leaving odors inside the van.

Tips for a camper holiday: safety

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Safety is very important when we go in a camper. The photos in the catalogs with the van parked on a cliff and a spectacular sunset are very tempting, but you have to have a little common sense. He is not the first or the last to end up having to call for assistance to get the van out of the sand or to end up at the bottom of an embankment.

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Find a place with a stable and safe surface and do not take risks. It is important that you park it as horizontal as possible. It is uncomfortable to sleep on an inclined bed, not to mention that when you open the cupboards everything can fall on you.

The other aspect of security is the reference to possible theft. An inhospitable place can be very safe if there really is no one, but it is enough that there is one with bad intentions. It is less romantic but safer to stop in a place where there are more motorhomes and campers.

Tips for a camper holiday: the temperature

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Most camper vans have an air conditioning system that can work independently of the engine, so that we can heat the passenger compartment if it is cold without having the engine running. What is not so frequent anymore is that we can also cool it.

In any case, it is better not to have to resort to these air conditioning systems and take it into account and optimize our temperature. In summer if we choose the site well and ventilate at dusk when the temperature has dropped we can sleep with great comfort. On the contrary, if we have left the vehicle in the sun and it has accumulated a lot of heat (not only the air in the passenger compartment is heated, but also the dashboard, the seats … which then emit that stored heat), it will be difficult to be comfortable.

Normally we will spend more time in the camper at night, so more than the heat, the problem will be the cold. In some areas, especially in the mountains, summer nights are cool and it can be below 10ºC in the middle of August. Wear warm clothes because the cold is difficult to remove and camper vans lose heat quickly through metal bodies and glass.

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