It is a more than dissuasive measure that the British authorities have just taken. Under new legislation to restrict non-essential travel abroad, a fine of 5,000 pounds (around 5,800 euros) is foreseen for those who do not comply, report Sky News and Reuters. A ban on leaving the United Kingdom which runs until June 30, but which could be reduced, if the health situation allows.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News that a government review of international travel – the results of which are due next month – would decide whether or not to allow Britons to go on vacation abroad to leave. May 17. “The question of whether people will be able to travel abroad this summer is going to be addressed by the Global Travel Taskforce, whose report is due around April 12. The roadmap sets May 17 as the earliest date on which we allow international travel, without compelling reasons, “he added.

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But due to the recent surge in Covid-19 contaminations in Europe, the schedule may well be upset. “We are seeing this third wave rise in parts of Europe and we are also seeing new variants appearing. It is very important to protect the progress that we have been able to make here in the UK”, insists Matt Hancock.

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The new travel restrictions brought down the shares of industry players such as easyJet, British Airway, Jet2 and TUI on Tuesday 23 March. The new regulations therefore prohibit traveling outside the United Kingdom except for professional reasons, studies, legal obligations, moving, selling or renting property, childcare, birth, visiting a dying loved one, burial, marriage, or for medical appointments. The law, which was submitted to parliament on Monday, will be voted on in Thursday’s session and, if approved as scheduled, will enter into force on March 29. Note that it will only apply to England, although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could follow.