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The eight-day National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has begun, have you been out for fun? As the first long vacation since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, many friends have long been unable to restrain the urgency of looking at the mountains and rivers.

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But don’t worry, according to the data center budget of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

On the first day of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the country received a total of 97 million domestic tourists, a year-on-year recovery of 73.8% on a comparable basis; tourism income was 76.65 billion yuan, a year-on-year recovery of 68.9% on a comparable basis. On the second day of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the country received 108 million domestic tourists and achieved domestic tourism revenue of 76.51 billion yuan.

This shows that this year's double eleven tourists are more willing to travel and expect higher market recovery. At the same time, the risks of epidemic prevention and control and safe production have also increased.

So friends, don't relax epidemic prevention and control while enjoying the holiday! Get these holiday protection tips.

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The picture shows tourists watching the "Underwater World" in the Atlantis Hotel in Sanya, Hainan. Photo by Luo Yunfei

Travel articles:

●Be prepared before you travel.

>>Get personal protective equipment. Masks and disinfection-free lotion are essential protective equipment.

>>Before traveling, do an assessment of the health status of yourself or accompanying persons. If you have cold symptoms and are not suitable for traveling, you can shorten the travel itinerary and try to arrange short distances instead of long-distance inter-provincial travel.

>>Do not travel to overseas countries or regions where the epidemic is still severe. If you must leave the country, be sure to check the website of the World Health Organization, the General Administration of Customs or the official website of the destination country in advance to understand the epidemic situation of the destination and travel advice, make targeted protective preparations, and bring protective equipment such as masks and hand wipers .

●Protect yourself during travel

>>During play and travel, pay attention to keeping your distance. If there are many people at close range, you must wear a mask. In addition, pay attention to wearing a mask in poorly ventilated places such as toilets. At the same time, you should pay attention to your physical condition on the way. When you have fever or headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms, you need to stop or cancel the trip to avoid getting worse.

●Continue to pay attention to your physical condition after the trip.

>>After returning from the trip, continue to do a good job of personal health monitoring. You should observe yourself for 14 days. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice in time and actively inform the doctor of your travel history.

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Zhongchu Store of Golden Bear International Cinema in Xinhua District. Photo by Yang Huili


●Buy tickets online. In order to reduce the chance of exposure to sexual transmission, all movie theaters in Hebei Province this year are still implementing online real-name booking for ticket sales, so you must remember to book movie tickets online before going to the movie theater.

●Choose a seat. During the National Day, the enthusiasm for watching movies is high. It is recommended to choose a performance with a small number of people. When choosing seats, cross seats and ensure that you maintain a safe distance of more than 1 meter from others.

●During the movie. While enjoying watching movies and relaxing, pay attention to wearing a mask and prohibit eating or drinking.

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October 1st coincided with the superposition of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Lanzhou Bureau increased its capacity to meet people's travel needs. Photo by Song Jialong

Travel articles:

●When taking public transportation such as buses, buses, subways, etc., you must abide by the order and the requirements of the flight attendants, wear masks throughout the journey, keep your hands clean, and keep the receipts for inquiries. When taking transportation, try to reduce the number of meals and conversations.

●Wear a mask when going out, and try not to go to crowded and mobile places. Keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others in crowded places. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when you cough or sneeze. Do good hand hygiene at all times.

●When dining out, pay attention to choosing a restaurant or restaurant with formal and sanitary conditions. Eat at different intervals and keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others.


●Daily home ventilation, maintain environmental hygiene, and disinfect properly. Keep away from open flames during disinfection with alcohol. Do not overspray liquid disinfectants on live devices such as sockets, switches, electrical appliances, etc., to avoid short-circuits and fires.

●Pay attention to food hygiene and wash your hands before and after eating. Do not eat uncooked and cooked food, unpasteurized milk, unpeeled fruits, raw vegetables, and do not drink raw water. Do not eat wild mushrooms and wild animals and plants. Choose fresh and safe food raw materials, and pay attention to separate raw and cooked food during processing to avoid food poisoning.

●Strengthen exercise and monitor the health of yourself and your family members. If you have suspicious symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, weakened sense of smell or loss, wear a mask as soon as possible to protect yourself and go to the fever clinic. Avoid taking public transportation.

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