Announced since 2019, but never released to date, the Nokia Flagship is expected for November 11, 2021. In any case, this is what emerges from the walls of HMD, the company that negotiated the rights to use the Nokia brand on smartphones and tablets in 2016.

The rest of this article tells you what to expect.

The phone whose name is still a mystery

Following the arrival in force of the iPhone and Android, and after several difficult years in the mobile market, Nokia decided in 2013 to sell its mobile division to Microsoft. With this acquisition, Microsoft had control over the engineering teams of Nokia Mobile, but also over a number of things including the Lumia brand, a contract to use the Nokia brand until 2016, a license to use the Here Maps mapping, factories, and a license to use Nokia’s patents. Microsoft has since sold factories and the right to manufacture Nokia phones to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Chinese Foxconn.

Despite the sale of its mobile division, Nokia still has several activities. Moreover, it remains an independent company, and a major player in network equipment, particularly with its subsidiary Nokia Networks, formerly known as Nokia Siemens Networks.

In addition, there is Nokia Technologies which takes care of the patent portfolio and the Nokia brand. It is to her that we owe the development of the Nokia N1 tablet in 2014 manufactured by Foxconn, or the Nokia Ozo camera for virtual reality. She was also the one who took over the French company Withings in 2016, and who recently initiated a new patent war with Apple.

Finally, it was with her that HMD negotiated the rights to use the Nokia brand on smartphones and tablets in 2016.

HMD, this young Finnish company, which acts as an intermediary for Nokia on the mobile market, has since developed Nokia smartphones, but also manages their communication and marketing.

Through it, the Nokia brand has launched several new budget smartphones in recent years, including the Nokia 8.3 5G and the Nokia 9 PureView. The latter unfortunately did not have the expected success. In search of its successor, the brand aims to release its flagship product. This is why, in a report relayed by the Chinese technological site ITHome, and whose source is none other than Zhang Yucheng, product manager for HMD in China, we learn that the company is preparing the launch of a phone, only in China, for the date of November 11, 2021.

This day was certainly chosen on purpose as it is the Singles Celebration Day, which is a special Chinese shopping day.

According to some rumors, the phone to be launched was to be called Nokia 9.2 or 9.3 PureView. However, according to a previous report from NPU (Nokiapoweruser), the phone in question could finally be called the Nokia X50 in reference to the X series of the same brand.

Whatever its name, it is its performances that will hold the attention.

Nokia FlagShip likely characteristics

The product manager, Zhang Yucheng did not provide any details about the device other than its launch date. But whether it’s referred to as 9.3 PureView, X50, or X60, this phone is supposed to bring a Penta camera setup to the rear with a 108 MP sensor at the helm. Other alleged specs include Zeiss optics for main, telephoto and ultra-wide cameras, a 6.5-inch 1440p + display. It sounds a lot more powerful than anything HMD has released recently, including the X20 and X10.

Also, rather than a flagship Snapdragon 888 SoC, the report claims that the device will run on the Snapdragon 775 / 775G mobile platform, which succeeds the Snapdragon 765G SoC, or an S775 chipset. It could also contain a QHD + panel with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

It will also contain a huge 6000mAh battery with 22W fast charging support. Finally, the Nokia X50 would also feature OZO Audio technology.

The company will reveal other phones like:

  • The Nokia X70, like its premium offering. While little is known about the device, it reportedly comes with a custom sensor co-designed by Nokia Technology. This possibility is both exciting and disturbing, given the performance of the Nokia 9’s highly customized PureView camera (Light, the camera maker even pulled out of the phone business);
  • The Nokia X60 or possibly the Nokia X60 Pro which would run either under the world’s most popular mobile operating system or Huawei’s HarmonyOS, but the latter speculation has been refuted by the company;

In the hope that after it goes on sale in China, the wait will not be too long to get the new Nokia to the rest of the world, we must be sure that it will be simple to install a Windows VPN on this device. , in order to protect it from intrusions.


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