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A Spanish motorist got into it by the Audi of Zinedine Zidane while the latter was going to Real Madrid. And the two men settled "amicably".

The facts occurred a few hours ago on a street in the Spanish capital. Zinedine Zidane drove his working Audi RS3 and sped towards the training center of the Réal Madrid club (where he also officiates there as head coach). But while a vehicle was braking in front of him, the French football world champion, probably a little distracted, did not brake in time. Boum.

No injuries but just a little damage on the two vehicles involved. Worried about arriving late at the training center, Zinedine Zidane then asked the motorist if he agreed to take care of the insurance procedures with his personal assistant, by phone.

A little selfie for the road

The motorist agreed but asked him for a small selfie in passing, which obviously agreed to do the talented French footballer and coach. A great supporter of the club, the motorist in question said he was delighted with his hard-hitting encounter.


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