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Unlike other mobile giants, Apple has yet to enter the world of foldable smartphones. However, this concept ofiPhone 12 Flip signed ConceptsiPhone has something to arouse our interest.

Thanks to patent filings as well as rumors, we already know that Apple is considering marketing foldable devices. Although the firm has not yet commented on this subject, it is obvious that it cannot ignore this kind of concept. Indeed, its main competitors, to name only Samsung and Huawei, already have foldable smartphones. Sure, it's premature to talk about a foldable iPhone, but ConceptsiPhone uploaded to YouTube a video featuring a so-called iPhone 12 that folds like a Galaxy Z Flip. To make the concept more appealing, the artist has devised, in addition to the main screen, an external screen that can display notifications.

iPhone 12 Flip concept - Hey, a foldable iPhone 12 concept Galaxy Z Flip - FREDZONE


This brings this imaginary smartphone closer to the Motorola RAZR.

A foldable iPhone without a notch

ConceptsiPhone opted for a notchless design. The front camera is therefore integrated into the panel. This gives this iPhone 12 Flip a rather attractive look. As if that weren't enough, the designer came up with borders covered with a shiny material, probably aluminum. The back photo module is square shaped. This layout is reminiscent of how the photo sensors on the back of the iPhone 12 should be stored.

We will also highlight the presence of what appear to be stereo speaker grilles on the lower edge. Folding down the middle, this foldable iPhone 12 from ConceptsiPhone features physical buttons rather than tactile buttons. The Apple logo can be found where it always has been, near the upper center of the back, just below the back photo module.

$ 1,999

At the end of the video, a prize of $ 1,999 appears. A rather steep price, but given the prices of existing foldable terminals, that would not be surprising. The concept really looks like something that could come out of Cupertino. Unfortunately, this is only a concept.

While Apple certainly imagines foldable iPhones, it's unlikely that we'll see such a device alongside the iPhone 12 this fall.

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