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Motorhome cells for pick-ups are the specialty of the German company GEHOcab. This is a cabin with an overhead berth (above the cockpit), folding tables and kitchenette, to be attached to the 4X4 pick-up bed, to be able to escape the beaten track and sleep in a cozy alcove. At nightfall. The secret of GEHOcab? Use ultra-light carbon to shape the cell of barely 110 kg, and not to excessively weigh down the all-terrain machine, even if once fitted out with a kitchen area and all the furniture, the total weight increase is close to the 500 kilos. Another advantage offered by this light and resistant composite material, the line of the vehicle and its general proportions are preserved, even once transformed into a motorhome. Only the height increases noticeably, which will require attention in tunnels and underground parking lots.

Admittedly, the new Land Rover Defender offers an optional roof tent that already allows you to go camping with your 4X4, but the GEHOcab living cell offers real protection in bad weather and especially negative temperatures in winter. Better still, the small company offers this type of layout for many other 4X4s, such as the Jeep Gladiator, the Mercedes G-Class or the Volkswagen Amarok pickup, which served as a demonstration model, as shown in the photos below. below. There remains the question of the price, which is not as “light” as carbon, since it takes 104,500 € for the transformation of a Defender into a motor home. It can be a bit expensive to walk in nature, especially as the Land Rover Defender 110 (long chassis) itself costs between € 55,000 and € 99,000 with the fabulous inline 6-cylinder 3.0 turbo diesel engine. . Who Said Camping Is Economical?

A new Land Rover Defender with alcove, it's possible.

Here is the very cozy interior layout of the living area of ​​the Defender.

© Moritz

the double berth is high in the alcove.

© Moritz

The living cell model for the Jeep Gladiator is fine too.

The same principle of living cell can be screwed on a Mercedes G class.

The prototype carbon cell designed for the VW Amarok.

The GEHOcab motorhome cell is resistant to cold.

The interior of the VW Amarok's cell immediately makes you want to leave.

Another view of the dining room of the Amarok motorhome.

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