We found the dessert recipe that the shoe designer loves!

It’s in Pierre Sauvage’s book, “At their home”, published by Éditions Flammarion, that the author revealed which was Christian Louboutin’s favorite dessert.

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soupe automne toutes nos recettes les plus faciles tester cette saison - Here is the recipe for Christian Louboutin's favorite dessert!  - Grazia France

The lemon mousse!

This tasty sweet dish is none other than lemon mousse. So if you too want to make this recipe, we will now give you all the details.

For the ingredients, you will need: 1 tin of sweetened condensed milk / 500 grams of fresh cream / 6 squeezed lemons / 1 lime for decoration

Preparation side: Start by whipping the condensed milk and the crème fraîche to obtain a homogeneous and light preparation. Then gently incorporate the juice of the lemons while mixing. Pour the mousse into saucers that you will place in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Decorate by adding a few lemon zest. All you have to do is taste. Enjoy your meal !


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