Bugatti has just released its record. On Saturday October 10, racing driver Oliver Webb got behind the wheel of one of SSC's new supercars, the Tuatara and, on a closed stretch of Nevada State Route 160, hit a top speed of 331.15 mph , or 532.93 km / h. What now makes this car the fastest in the world, report the specialized sites Ars Technica and Motor Trend.

Until now, the record for the fastest production car in the world belonged to Bugatti, who claimed it in 2019. At the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport of 1,578 hp (1,177 kW), Andy Wallace had achieved a top speed of 490.48 km / h on the huge Volkswagen circuit in Ehra-Lessien, Germany.

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But the SSC Tuatara turns out to be even more powerful than the Chiron: 1,750 horsepower (1,305 kW) of power on the E85. The supercar also has a more slippery shape, with a smaller frontal area than the Chiron (1,672 m2 vs. 2,072 m2) and a lower drag coefficient (0.279 vs. 0.319). Overtaking the Bugatti was one of the objectives of SSC North America. "My goal has always been to break this record in such a substantial way that it will maybe last a little while. It was my dream in a perfect world," responded SSC founder Jerod Shelby, quoted by Ars Technica.

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After these tests, Oliver Webb expressed his emotion at having brought down the record for the highest speed reached on a public road. "The weirdest feeling at first is that you're on a road, and that dotted white line turns into a solid line. It's almost like the stars of Star Wars turn into those long, long lines," Oliver Webb reacted.