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Christmas is no longer in December

According to the famous image sharing platform, users are starting to prepare Christmas by the end of October! A little early for some.e.s and a time of inspiration for others. Two months during which time is in search of the perfect menu, the one that will delight our guests and put glitter in their eyes. And among the desserts that should be the rage on the party tables, there is one that we did not necessarily see coming but that the numbers announce as the grand winner of Christmas 2019. The cake of all lusts? The pecan cheesecake and Butterscotch icing (a mixture of butter, sugar, and milk) whose research has increased by 4,042%! A phenomenal figure that proves that the log is not necessarily the dessert dream of the holidays.

But the cheesecake trend does not stop there because on the second place of the podium, we find the cheesecake fishing (+ 2772%) to which we will certainly not succumb since it is not a fruit of season, followed in third position of the apple-caramel cheesecake with autumn flavors (+ 653%). Indeed, with its base of buttered crispy biscuits, and its cream cheese-rich device, the famous New York dessert fits all fantasies. Sometimes fruity, chocolatey, flavored with spices, pistachio, orange blossom, or alcohol, the cheesecake seduces again and again. And at Christmas, more than ever!

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