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The electric scooter, which Mercedes-Benz is launching in collaboration with the Swiss micro-mobility specialist Micro Mobility Systems AG, is elegant, solid and practical. It enables the Stuttgart-based automaker to meet the needs of many customers in terms of flexible and individual mobility solutions, particularly in the area of ​​urban transport.

It is thanks to this extra effort that the Mercedes-Benz electric scooter can reach its full potential. Emission-neutral micro-mobility is an important part of the road to liveable, more pleasant cities that skillfully combine traffic and improved air quality. It fits perfectly with the modern urban lifestyle. And since it can be taken anywhere, it does not represent any burden for the public space.

The elegant black design, with Mercedes-Benz and Micro co-branding on the steering column, appeals to aesthetes who want to stand out with a product thought out down to the smallest detail. The electric motor, with a maximum power of 500 W, allows rapid acceleration, up to 20 km / h allowed in Germany, and the 7.8 Ah battery offers a range of up to 25 km, which allows users to travel not only with speed and agility, but also in comfort and safety. The footboard is wide, with plenty of space, and has a non-slip coating. The scooter has front and rear suspensions and 20cm diameter rubber wheels that effortlessly handle uneven surfaces like cobblestones.

The retractable steering column is adjustable to the height of the driver. The ergonomically shaped handlebars feature a right hand throttle and a left hand brake, as well as an integrated horn. The center display shows speed, battery level and driving mode.

For braking, the scooter has a rear brake and a foot brake on the skid plate. The front and rear lights are suitable for road traffic, and the side reflectors allow you to drive at all times, even in the dark.

A useful additional feature is the connectivity with the Micro application. The Mercedes-Benz scooter connects via Bluetooth® to the smartphone, which can be attached to a holder on the handlebars. The application provides access to valuable information provided to the driver on speed, distance, travel time and battery charge status. The integrated navigation system also shows the shortest route to the destination on the screen. In addition, various functions such as driving mode or lighting can be managed directly through the app.

The scooter has an intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated with just the press of your foot. The handlebars also fold down for easy transport before riding the last few kilometers. So it fits in a small trunk and can be easily transported in any type of public transport, especially as it is rather light at 13.5 kg.

The Mercedes-Benz electric scooter charges in about 3 to 3.5 hours using a standard household outlet, and reaches 70% charge in just over two hours. Mercedes-Benz also plans to offer a Bluetooth® connection and a docking station in the trunk of its vehicles, which will allow the vehicle to be recharged during the journey.

The electric scooter is approved for use on public roads in France. It meets all the required requirements, such as:

  • The front and rear lights
  • Retro-reflective devices
  • A horn
  • A maximum speed limited to 25 km / h

Technical data :

Weight: about 13.5 kg

Dimensions: Length: 980 mm; Height: 1096 mm; Width: 145mm

Dimensions folded: Length: 928 mm; Height: 340 mm; Width: 145mm

Motor power: 250 Watt nominal, 500 Watt peak

Battery: 7.8 Ah, 280 Wh, LG cells

Autonomy: about 25 km

Max. Speed: 20 km / h

Charging time: 3-3.5h

Tire size: 200mm front, 200mm rear

Brakes: 3 (1 front and 2 rear)

Lights: front and rear

Suspension: front and rear

Display: yes

Approved for the road: yes

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