Here is the basis for future McLaren hybrids! –

10 years after the launch of its first production model (the 12C), McLaren unveils the first information about its future hybrid supercars. In particular, there is a new carbon fiber chassis.

McLaren will market its new hybrid supercar next year. As always with the British manufacturer, the focus will be on cutting-edge technologies derived from motorsport and in particular F1.

The future sportswoman of Woking will therefore be based on an entirely new architecture. The carbon fiber chassis promises to be ultra-light and according to CEO Mike Flewitt it will deliver "strength and a higher level of quality than ever before".

Lightness and electrification, the new McLaren recipe

10 years after the MonoCell chassis, inaugurated by the 12C, McLaren is therefore starting its revolution towards supercars all powered by hybrid systems. Just like the pioneer in this field, the P1 hypercar.

"Our expertise in the processes and manufacturing of lightweight composites, combined with our experience in advanced battery technologies and hybrid propulsion systems, allows us to be perfectly positioned to offer our customers levels of high performance electric powertrain that, until now were simply inaccessible"explains Mike Flewitt before adding "For us, lightness and electrification go hand in hand to deliver better performance as well as more efficient vehicles".

It remains to be seen whether McLaren will be able to compensate for the weight gain due to the batteries, without affecting the performance of its models.

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