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As you know, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) are revolutionizing. After the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 next June, the queen category of the competition will send to the closet the very expensive current LMP1, in favor of a whole new technical regulation and a new kind of car: the Hypercar. These "Hypercars" will be inspired by the road models of the manufacturers involved, and could even be based directly on one of these road models. They will use conventional thermal mechanics, or a hybrid powertrain.

We already know that Toyota and Aston Martin will be among the manufacturers involved (unless the recent changes at Aston Martin question this commitment?), And that Peugeot will take the train en route from 2022. But from the 24 Hours Le Mans 2021, we will also have to rely on the small American manufacturer Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG).

Two million euros

SCG has just released more precise images of the 007, which will begin its first tests as early as next September. The car will have a twin-turbo V6 of around 850 horsepower, no hybridization. It will cost two million euros to the teams which will want to engage it in race, and its engine would hold 30 hours in a row. Will she be able to beat all the big manufacturers at Le Mans next year?

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