Here is McLaren's next monster to beat Ferrari –

To beat the Ferrari SF90, McLaren is preparing a 1150 horsepower hybrid supercar.

In McLaren's lineup there are the Sport Series, the Super Series and the Ultimate Series. The first category refers to cars like the 570S, which compete with the Audi R8 or the Mercedes-AMG GT. The second category concerns the 720S, competing with the Ferrari F8 Tributo or the Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Finally, the third category brings together the most powerful, the most exclusive and the most efficient models in the history of the brand. P1, Senna, Speedtail … these models traditionally fight against the most radical machines in the world.

And the next version of these McLaren Ultimate Series is already at the end of its hood. The model below is still camouflaged but according to the specialists at Spy Shots, it will be called "Saber" and will develop around 1150 horsepower thanks to a hybrid powertrain.

SF90 slayer?

We are talking about production limited to only four units, and a price higher than three million euros. The Ferrari SF90 and its 1000 horsepower have probably found someone to talk to …

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