Our little finger tells us that Asian recipes are among your family's favorites! Both exquisite and authentic, these dishes will take you away from your routine.

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Here are our 5 best Asian recipes:

1. Crispy Asian Pork

Ready in under 30 minutes, this Asian-style crispy pork recipe is as tantalizing to the eyes as it is to the mouth! Plan ahead and cook double the recipe … your kids will be asking for more!

The recipe is available right here.

2. Asian chicken salad

This cold recipe can be made the night before, so you can have dinner ready in just a few minutes. This plate is not only pretty, it's also packed with fresh ingredients!

The recipe is available right here.

3. Pork and shrimp dumpling

We bet that this very popular dish from China will also be popular in your dining room. Both tender and tasty these pork and shrimp bites are absolutely delicious!

The recipe is available right here.

4. Asian meal soup

With the cooler weather settling in Quebec, there is nothing like an Asian meal soup. This dish will comfort the whole household with its intoxicating scents.

The recipe is available right here.

5. Teriyaki salmon

Now may be the time to reinvent your classics. This recipe for four people will satisfy the finest palates.

The recipe is available right here.