Hebei Invitation-2021 National Traveling Salesman Conference and Hebei Tourism Boutique Route Launch Event Held in Beijing

500 boutique tourist routes invite you to “Enjoy Hebei”

500 boutique routes were released, 500 sets of cultural and creative boutique displays, and the top 100 national travel agents “show off guests to Hebei”… On the afternoon of July 15th, the Hebei Invitation-2021 National Traveling Business Conference and 2021 The Hebei tourism boutique route release event was held in Beijing, fully displaying the charm of “Gyeonggi, Enjoy Hebei” and presenting a cultural and tourism feast for tourists.

The event released 500 tourist boutique routes, namely “100 red tourist boutique routes”, “100 cultural tourism boutique routes”, “100 eco-tourism boutique routes”, “100 self-driving tourist boutique routes”, and “100 high-speed rail tourism boutiques” line”. The 500 tourist boutique routes include all the resources of beautiful Hebei. In addition to the route itinerary, tourist tips are also attached according to the characteristics of the route, such as introduction of tourist attractions, special cuisine, cultural and creative and tourist products, hotel accommodation, transportation itinerary, etc. It is equivalent to the encyclopedia of Hebei travel, providing tourists with the largest travel reference template.

At the event site, the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism gave a license to the Beijing Office of the Hebei Provincial Government. The newly established Hebei Culture and Tourism (Beijing) Promotion Center will become an important position for Hebei cultural tourism promotion in Beijing, and a link for cultural tourism cooperation and exchange between Beijing and Hebei, realizing a healthy development situation in which tourists are sent to each other and resources are shared.

Bringing together social forces to achieve mutual promotion and win-win results, “cross-border cooperation” will brighten the Hebei cultural tourism brand. During the event, the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held an annual signing ceremony for cross-border cooperation with PetroChina Hebei Sales Company, Hebei Airlines, and Junlebao Dairy Group, which will set off a new wave of cooperation in promoting Hebei cultural tourism.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Hebei Province and China Culture News, China Tourism News, People’s Daily Online, Beijing Radio and Television, Bytedance, Baidu, Meituan, etc. carry out all-media promotion and all-platform cooperation, and in-depth brand building through the linkage of multimedia propaganda reports The five matrices of, platform, media, events, and resources form a three-dimensional, multi-dimensional and all-round propaganda momentum.

During the event, representatives of the top 100 national traveling agents also jointly issued the “National Travel Agents “Delivering Customers to Hebei” Cooperation Declaration”. (Reporter Fang Suju)

[作者: 方素菊  责任编辑: 王立鹏 ]