The 2021 May Day holiday is approaching, and the time and weather are very suitable for travel. Citizens should try to avoid unnecessary cross-border travel when going out. When traveling in other cities in the country, they should pay attention to the occurrence of respiratory infectious diseases such as new crown pneumonia, influenza, and mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, as well as food-borne diseases. Make sure to play during small and long holidays. Happy, healthy play.

1. Respiratory tract infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia and influenza

Both COVID-19 and influenza can be spread through respiratory droplets and close contact. The overseas new crown epidemic is still not optimistic. If you choose to travel abroad during the holiday, different countries and regions will adopt different travel restrictions. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary outbound travel as much as possible.

At present, although the level of influenza activity in the southern and northern provinces of my country is relatively low, the closed public transportation environment, poor ventilation, rapid increase in the number of people in a short period of time and frequent contact during travel are very likely to cause the spread of respiratory infectious diseases such as new coronary pneumonia or influenza. .

Prevention tips:

(One)Preparation before travel

1. Prepare the “Health Code” WeChat Mini Program to ensure green code travel.

2. Inquire about the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control policies of tourist destinations and the prevention and control requirements of scenic spots, and make scenic reservations in advance.

3. Prepare adequate personal protective items, including masks, hand-washing disinfectants, disinfection wipes, etc.

4. It is recommended that citizens travel after completing the new coronavirus vaccination, but the protection effect of the vaccine is not 100%. At this stage, the prevention and control measures must be adhered to, and personal protection is still required for travel.

(two)During travel and when playing

1. When taking airplanes, trains and other means of transportation, you must abide by the order and management requirements of flight attendants, wear masks throughout the process, and do good hand hygiene.

2. When playing, you should line up in an orderly manner, keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others, wear masks in closed places and crowded places, reduce stay time, pay attention to cough etiquette, and consciously cooperate with the temperature measurement, scanning code, and current limit of the scenic spot , Appointments and other measures.

3. Choose hotels with good sanitary conditions for lodging, and pay attention to opening windows for ventilation.

4. When dining out, use public spoons and chopsticks to sit at intervals or eat on the same side to reduce conversations, shorten meal time, and consciously stay away from crowded dining places.

5. After traveling by public transportation, hand hygiene should be done in time. Try to use contactless payment methods to reduce the chance of contacting the surface of public facilities.

6. If symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, etc. occur during the trip, you should immediately go to the nearest medical institution for fever clinics to cancel or terminate the trip.

(3) After traveling back to company

1. Save all kinds of bills in the itinerary for easy query.

2. Do a good job of personal health monitoring and self-monitoring for 14 days after returning to the company. Once you feel unwell, seek medical advice in time and actively inform the doctor of your travel history.

2. Dengue fever and other mosquito-borne infectious diseases

Dengue fever is an acute vector-borne disease caused by the transmission of dengue virus through mosquitoes. The disease is mainly prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and other places in my country are dengue fever endemic areas. Typical symptoms include fever, rash and severe headache, orbital pain, joint muscle pain and other “three pains”.

During the May Day period, due to the weather conditions in some southern provinces of my country that are conducive to the breeding of mosquito vectors, it has entered the dengue fever epidemic season, and traveling citizens are at risk of getting dengue fever and other diseases through mosquito bites.

Prevention tips:

1. Personal anti-mosquito protection measures should be strengthened during travel, such as wearing long-sleeved clothes, using mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, and staying in air-conditioned hotels.

2. If relevant symptoms occur during or after travel, you should seek medical attention in time, and actively inform the attending doctor of your travel history.

3. Food-borne diseases

Food-borne diseases can be divided into three types: microbial food-borne diseases, food-borne diseases of chemical pollutants, and vegetarian-borne diseases of animal and plant natural poisons. Food-borne diseases can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, weakness, and severe sepsis, meningitis, quadriplegia, and respiratory paralysis.

During the May 1st holiday, due to the high temperature and high humidity in the southern provinces of my country, it is suitable for microorganisms to multiply, and because people’s daily routines are broken during the journey, and immunity is reduced, the possibility of microbial foodborne diseases increases. If you eat wild mushrooms, there is a risk of poisoning from poisonous mushrooms.

Prevention tips:

1. When dining out, be sure to choose a formal restaurant or restaurant with good sanitary conditions, avoid mobile stalls on the roadside, and use public spoons and chopsticks.

2. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat undercooked food, unpasteurized milk, unpeeled fruits, raw vegetables, and do not drink raw water.

3. Do not eat unidentified food such as wild fruits and wild mushrooms.

4. In case of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms during travel, you should go to the nearest medical institution immediately.

In addition, remind citizens in Lianhua to properly ventilate the room, eat a balanced diet, and take adequate rest to improve the body’s immunity; try to avoid visiting crowded places when going out. If you really need to go, standardize wearing masks, and when entering public places or taking public transportation. Prepare a “health code” in advance and take personal protection throughout the entire process. Once symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea appear, go to the hospital in time.

Dalian Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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