What if money does indeed make happiness? Either way, having a high income confers more positive feelings about yourself, such as self-confidence, pride and determination, according to a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore.

They looked at the results of five different studies, involving around 1.6 million people in 162 countries.

In contrast, according to this analysis, people with low incomes have more negative feelings about themselves, such as fear, shame and sadness. As a whole, they feel more emotions that promote anxiety and slow down the taking of initiatives.

Money does not make you tolerant

To this observation, identical in rich and poor countries, is added another observation: the level of income does not seem to have an effect on the relationship to others.

“Earning more money does not make you more empathetic or grateful towards others, report the study authors. It does not help build a more tolerant and supportive society.”

However, the latter do not specify the amounts that they consider to be low or high income.

Source: American Psychological Association, March 2021.