Health | Despite containment and economic crisis, medical travel is doing well

With the economic crisis and containment linked to the coronavirus pandemic, many industries are being severely affected, and many companies will have to go out of business. However, some sectors are resisting, such as e-commerce and internet sales, which have exploded. More surprisingly, the recent boom in medical travel.

Why such a craze for medical travel?

Indeed, since the end of total containment, many have decided to take advantage of very low prices on planes and numerous promotions are in place to attract tourists for medical trips. Whether it is to do a hair transplant in Turkey, a liposuction in Morocco or the installation of breast implants in the Middle East, the opportunities are not lacking and the prices are unbeatable in France, and even in Europe. The prices offered are obviously the main attraction for this type of trip. Between two and ten times cheaper than the same operation carried out in France. And given the sums involved, the difference for the wallet is significant. However, there are many scams and the quality is not necessarily there …

Is it really a good choice?

To make your trip truly worthwhile, it is important to do your research before deciding. Studying the various options carefully before ordering may help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Many establishments offer very low prices but whose quality of work leaves much to be desired. You will therefore need to be patient before making your decision and spend a lot of time analyzing each care center, each practitioner behind this care and trying to glean as much information as possible. It is often advisable to check with former patients of the targeted medical centers to avoid any surprises.

What are the pitfalls to avoid ?

The main scams (even concerning the best centers with irreproachable quality of care) often concern services which are not included and which increase the final bill. Transport from the airport to the hotel, for example, may be mentioned in the brochure or on the centre's website but not taken into account. The same goes for meals or, even more seriously, post-transplant follow-up. It will therefore be necessary to confirm all these points in writing with the care center, to avoid any disappointments once there …

Overall, the rise of medical travel tends to continue because, if chosen well, practitioners offer a high quality service for a price inaccessible in Europe. This trend is therefore set to continue and it is a safe bet that more and more Tour Operators will offer this type of offer in the future. Medical travel therefore still has a bright future ahead!

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