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Very lively last weekend at Monza, the McLarens appear much further back on the Mugello. During qualifying for the Grand Prix of Tuscany, Saturday afternoon, Lando norris was even eliminated in Q2 while his teammate Carlos Sainz could not do better than ninth after his passage in Q3. The two drivers remain well placed to score points, but the level of performance is down to the point that the Spaniard is talking about a "bad surprise". He believes that the MCL35 remains very dependent on the type of track on which it operates, and at Mugello, gusts of wind have become the number one public enemy of the British team.

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"This is not the last time that we will see this kind of performance difference between the teams from one circuit to another", Sainz advances. “On paper we thought this track would be good for us. Before the weekend we thought these corners were going to be fine for us, but the midfield always has surprises in store for you. And that's a nasty surprise. we kept our focus and we managed to improve the car a lot before qualifying, so we also have to be happy and proud that we haven't lost our mind too much. "

"It's been the same since I joined McLaren in 2019: our car is very sensitive to backwind in the corners. And it is very good when there is headwind. There are two aspects to that. When we are in the aspiration, there is a lot more backwind, there is some in every corner, which is why in places like Monza, we tried not to go into the aspiration of our competitors. We have found that it generates tailwind on our car and we don't like the way it reacts to it. It is something that we analyze, that we try to improve and understand. Why do these effects appear? and why do we suffer more? The suction causes tailwind, and we are not good with the tailwind, as we saw at Mugello in a lot of the first and second sector corners. "

Headwind warning for McLaren at Mugello Motorsport.com - Headwind warning for McLaren at Mugello - Motorsport.com

The orange single-seater seems to accumulate the bad points on the Tuscan track, because Lando Norris also believes that the asphalt of Mugello partially explains the difficulties encountered throughout the weekend. "There is the wind and the tarmac", believes the Briton. "I think there are those two factors. Mainly the wind, it's not one of our strengths, it's even one of our weaknesses, and there have been these last two days. C is probably one of the biggest factors in our difficulties and our mistakes. "

The issue of sensitivity to wind is confirmed by Andreas Seidl. "This is clearly something that we are aware of when it comes to the weaknesses of our car since last year, as Carlos said", specifies the director of Mclaren. "And this is something that James [Key] and the aero department are working hard on, simply by trying to reduce the sensitivity through the continuous developments that we bring to the car."

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