He films himself after blowing up an Audi R8 in Nanterre against parked cars – Turbo.fr

This very big accident happened last Sunday night in a street in Nanterre. After losing control of an Audi R8 Spyder, a driver crashed into several parked cars. The sports car ended up on fire, the entire rear part torn off.

According to a first video posted on Youtube a few hours ago, this spectacular accident took place in a street in Nanterre during the night of Sunday, September 6. An inhabitant of the Vue, who says he got out of the building after the crash, says he was first woken up by a car making its engine howl repeatedly under its windows.

Obviously, this car was a blue Audi R8 Spyder, which ends up completely destroyed and even split into two pieces. In all likelihood, the driver of the German sports car lost control of his machine before colliding with several cars parked in the street, including a completely destroyed Mercedes SUV (and at least two other vehicles).


In another video posted on the Snapchat network, a certain “Younes”, shirtless, explains having survived the accident in an Audi R8. It shows the sports car's engine, projected several meters from the rest of the car. No one was injured in the accident, but Audi's insurer will probably have a very difficult few days …

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