Yes, the autobahn is a great way to test racing cars. However, driving on the German Autobahn does not confer additional driving skills. And that, the owner of this poor Ferrari F8 Tributo must regret.

Local media explain that the 43-year-old driver has been waiting for almost a year to get his stunning Italian sports car back. But after only 6 hours at the wheel, the supercar finished its race in the background. Given the damage, its owner may have to say goodbye.

As you can see in the only photo released by German law enforcement, the damage is extensive. The whole front part is stamped and the suspensions are visible. In short, the car is unrecognizable and good for scrap.

Also according to the statements of the local media, the road was wet at the time of the facts and that added to the power of the car, this is what would have caused the accident.

The driver escaped uninjured, but his passenger was taken to hospital. Fortunately, his days are not in danger.