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What could be better than AMG's 4×4 to elegantly deliver a supercar worth over three million euros?

When a customer takes possession of a Bugatti Chiron, it is usually necessary to use a truck to deliver their new supercar. In most cases, it is a conventional vehicle that takes care of transporting the machine, the same kind as those that deliver all the stores in your neighborhood.

But in this video shot in London shows another procedure for the delivery of a blue Bugatti Chiron to its new owner, somewhere near a shopping center.

A G63

The sports car is indeed transported in a trailer attached to an old-generation Mercedes-AMG G63. The famous German 4×4, painted here in matt gray, is a rather elegant utility for delivering a car at more than three million euros. Remember that the latter still weighs two tonnes dry, without its fuel or fluids.

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