He buys a Ferrari in Lyon and is seized by - He buys a Ferrari in Lyon, and is seized by the gendarmes a few minutes later - actu.fr
Barely bought, the Ferrari was seized by the gendarmes of Isère. (© Illustration)

The buyer from the Alpes-Maritimes had just bought a superb Ferrari California to a Lyonnais. Saturday February 6, 2021 obviously, he wanted to test the power of his car. Direction a small quiet road in the direction of Chanas (Isère).

Controlled at 153 km / h on a road at 80

No luck, the gendarmes had just decided to carry out a speed control on the departmental road 519 limited to 80 km / h. As a result, the Ferrari was controlled at 153 km / h.

The license of the lover of beautiful car and high speed was immediately seized by the military. Just like the Ferrari.

The buyer and his Lyonnais seller present in the car had to call on relatives to be able to enter.