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Hazelnut cake recipe


  • 130 g of ground hazelnuts
  • 120 g butter
  • 60 g flour
  • 4 g of baking powder
  • 120 g brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 30 g icing sugar
  • 2 g of sea salt
  • 5 egg whites
  • 70 g of crushed
  • 65 milk chocolate
  • 110g dulcey chocolate
  • 140g white chocolate
  • 60g cocoa butter
  • 15g grape seed oil
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • 60 gr of water
  • 30 gr of sugar
  • 40 gr of hazelnut paste

Hazelnut syrup

Boil the 60 g of water with the 30 g of sugar in a saucepan and pour over the 40 g of hazelnut paste. Mix well to use hot.

Hazelnut Cake

Preheat your oven to 160 ° C

Start roasting 130 gr of hazelnut powder with 70 gr of hazelnuts for about 15min.

During this time make your brown butter, that is to say, heat your butter until it obtains a nice nutty color and filter it before use.

In a salad bowl pour your hazelnut powder, the brown butter, 100 g of brown sugar, 30 g of icing sugar, the 2 eggs and a pinch of fleur de sel.

And mix vigorously for a good 5 minutes.

Then add 60 gr of flour with 4gr of baking powder and the roasted and crushed hazelnuts, mix again.

Meanwhile, whisk the 5 egg whites with the 20 g of brown sugar you have left.

Once very tight, mix your cake maker with your whipped egg whites.

Now in your cake mold place some very cold pears that you will have garnished with hazelnut praline, for this you cut the base, hollow out the base, fill with praline and close with a pear plug.

Pour your cake maker over it and bake for 1 hour 20 minutes at 160 ° C

Once out of the oven, soak your still hot cake with the hot hazelnut syrup.

Wrap your cake, which is still hot, in cling film until it cools down to around + 4 ° C, this technique keeps the softness of the cake as long as possible; it will not dry out.

Dulcey Chocolate Icing

Heat and melt at 50 ° C the 65 gr of milk chocolate 140 gr of white chocolate 110 gr of dulcey chocolate, 60 gr of cocoa butter, then add 15 gr of grape seed oil. Mix everything and let cool to 35/40 ° C before use.


Collect your cake very cold on top, place a large quantity of hazelnut, cut into pieces or not, all along the cake and cover your cake with the dulcey chocolate glaze.

Of course, the decor is up to you.

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