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The BMW meets a police car in Hayange, near the football stadium, in the Konacker district. It is past midnight on February 16. The driver of the car feels targeted. Instead of going his way, he tries a U-turn in the parking lot, he squeals the tires and accelerates.

His attitude obviously alerted the patrol which launched after him. The BMW rushes towards Volkrange then enters the A31 in the direction of Metz. The police mobilize reinforcements. The car was finally stopped on the emergency stop lane. The passenger, seated in the front, would have taken the opportunity to throw something out the window.

Cancellation of permit

The driver tested positive for cannabis. He recognizes that he smokes it from time to time. He also explains that he panicked when he saw the police because the BMW was not insured. Besides, it does not belong to him. The young man of 26 years is a priori uneventful, in couple, with a mortgage on the back, a job. His lawyer even proves, analyzes under his arm, that he quit smoking.

Except that his criminal record has seven mentions alternating drug cases and traffic offenses. He is a repeat offender for using and driving under cannabis and refusing to comply. The Thionville Criminal Court, before which he was just tried on May 14, therefore orders the cancellation of his driving license. He will not be allowed to iron it before six months. The defendant also took four months in prison, suitable for conversion, and a fine of € 1,000.

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