He is the first French to join the Aston Martin fold. Last week, Valentin Hasse-Clot officially became a junior pilot of the English brand. A first step for the 24-year-old pilot, who hopes to have a long career with the manufacturer. He confided in AUTOhebdo after his selection.

How did you react when you learned of your selection as a junior Aston Martin driver?

I was relieved. I’ve been working on this for two years on the track and behind the scenes, working for client teams, taking care of young people in GT4… That was the goal when I started racing Astons in 2019 .

What did you think made the difference in the selection?

In 2020 a racing driver who is content to turn a steering wheel is not holding. Last year, I accompanied young drivers in GT4 with AGS Events and in GT3 with Garage 59. Motorsport is also above all marketing for manufacturers, so the brand must be promoted. I applied myself to working on that and that’s what made the difference I think, the others also knew how to drive. “

Why did you bet everything on Aston Martin?

“My ultimate goal is the 24 Hours of Le Mans in GT. I started with two years of Porsche Carrera Cup where I tried to climb the ranks, but I ended up better than me with Julien Andlauer. Suddenly, I still had Ferrari but it’s blocked, BMW but too many candidates, and Aston Martin who had never had a French. It was a factory on a human scale, with a new car in each category, it was the best option. “

What are the goals for the year?

“I have to learn to compete in the ACO championships, via the Asian LMS next month with Garage 59. That’s the big goal because I have a superb crew, we have every chance of having an invitation to Le Mans. We are also working to continue in GT World Challenge with them and I will do GT4 in FFSAGT with AGS Events in silver, for fun and to help the young people. “