HarmonyOS will be launched in April 2021 on smartphones. Once this step has been taken, Huawei has set itself the goal of equipping no less than 300 million devices by the end of 2021 with its new operating system.

harmonyos huawei objectif - HarmonyOS will run on 300 million devices this year, Huawei is sure of it
Credit: Huawei

While the closed beta of Harmony OS 3.0 has just started in March 2021, Huawei is preparing to deploy its new OS on its smartphones from April 2021. During an event in China, the president of the Consumer Business department Huawei Software Wang Chenglu recalled Huawei’s ambitions for HarmonyOS. According to the official, the Shenzhen firm has set itself the goal of to equip no less than 300 million devices with its new OS by the end of 2021.

Previously, the manufacturer had announced 100 million devices, the objectives have therefore been revised upwards. According to him, the main advantage of HarmonyOS will be to offer a lunified angage for interconnection and collaboration between different devices. According to him, this is essential for the next revolution in the smartphone and mobile Internet industry.

But we see that the mobile internet industry, which is focused on mobile phones, is under pressure. Global smartphone shipments have declined since 2018 and will decline by around 6% year-on-year in 2021. At the same time, consumers use smartphones for 4 to 5 hours a day. These are the statistics for the use of smartphones since 2018. These indicate that the industry has reached a critical moment, a sign that it must be transformed ”, provides the framework.

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wrang chenglu huawei - HarmonyOS will run on 300 million devices this year, Huawei is sure of it
Credit: Huawei

One language to interconnect them all

With HarmonyOS, Huawei wants to ensure that users’ smart devices are not isolated from each other and can collaborate easily and quickly. Whether made by Huawei or not, the link being HarmonyOS. “For example you can use a smartwatch to determine certain scenarios. Once the user is asleep, the watch will detect the sleep and cause the light to turn off automatically. It will also inform the air conditioner so that it automatically adjusts the temperature to create the best possible environment for your sleep ”, Wang Chenglu details.

He pursues : “It’s a bit like having a caring housekeeper in the house. Likewise, during exercises, each exercise is linked to the other. Smart devices provide scientific exercise advice and full real-time data analyst, becoming your personal trainer ”. Huawei has already materialized this interconnectivity via the SuperTerminal function available in the beta of HarmonyOS 3.0. This feature allows Huawei devices to be connected to each other very quickly.

Source: Gizchina