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Is pole position decisive in Austin?

No, not exactly. On the other hand, starting from the 1st line is a statistical guarantee of success since the event was fixed at Circuit of the Americas, in 2012.

Regarding the starting grid, the right row is considered more adherent. It is theoretically an advantage, which however has nothing decisive: on four occasions since 2012, the driver from second place has won. And three times the one in mind.

If the run to Turn # 1 is not very long (230 meters), the braking is on a huge bump, which has destabilized many test drivers.

Does the circuit promote overtaking?

Yes. The Circuit of the Americas is well designed from this point of view. The most natural maneuvers are at the pin of No. 1 and at the end of the longest straight line of the route, at No. 12. Two DRS zones boost the stats, between # 11 and # 12, and between # 20 and # 1.

The race offered 51 overruns in 2015, 40 in 2016, 34 in 2017 and 27 in 2018 (including 20 at the DRS). There was even a record of 67 overtaking in 2012.

What is the probability of appearance of the safety car?

40% in the last five editions. She has been on the track three times since 2014.

What strategy in the race?

The standard will be one stop according to Pirelli, as in 2017 and 2018. The manufacturer plans a pit pass for starters in "soft", between the 22nd and 25th lap, to finish in "medium". This is the combination considered the fastest, but the fact that the top 5 has chosen to start in "medium" questions this thesis. The Mercedes, Ferrari and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) should stop two laps later to pass "hard".

What will the pilots have to watch in particular?

Their trajectory in Turn # 19, where the FIA ​​has installed a system to detect single-seaters going beyond the white and red border, on the green zone.

Nine drivers caught flagrant out-of-bounds in free practice 1 saw their times canceled. We imagine that they may benefit from a warning in the race in case of offense Sunday, before a more severe penalty in time.

Under what conditions will Hamilton be champion?

The Briton Mercedes has 74 points in the world championship over his teammate, Valtteri Bottas. He can settle for four points in eighth place if the Finn wins. If someone other than Bottas wins, Hamilton will have his sixth title in his pocket.

Which team can stand out in Austin?

Ferrari. A "rossa" never won at the Circuit des Amériques. Only McLaren (2012), Red Bull (2013) and Mercedes (since 2014) are on the list.

Hamilton champion turn 19 claim against Ferrari GP in question - Hamilton champion, turn 19, claim against Ferrari: GP in question - Eurosport.fr

Ferrari risk something on arrival?

Yes, since Red Bull asked an open question to the FIA ​​on October 22, about the legality of a bypass of the fuel flowmeter that boosts the power of the engine. The Austrian team has noted, like others, the spectacular speed gains of the SF90 in certain cases during the last Grand Prix, and it clearly suspects its Italian rival of cheating.

RBR followed the usual procedure by asking a specific question about the Ferrari system, without naming it. The technical directive sent back to all the teams officially defines what is not allowed. If Red Bull still has a suspicion on the device Red, she will not hesitate to make a claim on arrival. Like Racing Point against Renault at the Japanese Grand Prix, resulting in a potential double disqualification …

- Hamilton champion, turn 19, claim against Ferrari: GP in question - Eurosport.fr

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