Haiyang Toll Inspection Sub-center Summer Vacation Tips for Safe Traveling to Eliminate Safety Blind Spots

2021-07-13 15:26:34

source:Jellyfish net

Correspondent Xiu Ruiyang


Jellyfish Network July 13th (correspondent Xiu Ruiyang)Recently, with the end of the exam and the happy summer vacation, the Haiyang Toll Inspection Sub-center is here to share some tips for safe travel during the summer vacation to eliminate safety blind spots for everyone.

Although the domestic epidemic has been well controlled, the overseas epidemic is still severe. The advocacy of “non-necessary not leaving the country” will affect people’s holiday arrangements and travel plans to a certain extent, but health and safety can only have happy holidays.

When traveling during summer vacation, you must do your “homework” in advance. It is recommended to travel near peaks and avoid popular attractions or peak hours of attractions as much as possible. If you plan to travel across regions, make preparations before you travel and prepare some necessary masks, hand sanitizer items, etc., for use during the trip.

Before traveling by car, please strengthen the inspection of tires, brakes, oil circuits, and circuits to prevent traffic accidents caused by vehicle failures. Arrange the itinerary reasonably to ensure that drivers have enough sleep. At the same time, avoid driving in the afternoon and night. For long-distance driving, pay attention to maintaining a safe speed and distance. At the same time, parents should remind children not to extend their heads, hands and other important parts of the body Outside the window, choose a safe place to park and rest.

In parking lots and other centralized parking places for motor vehicles, parents should pay attention to observation, strengthen supervision, and avoid children’s activities alone in the blind spots of vehicles or entrances and exits of parking lots, or frolicking in passing lanes.

Here, Haiyang Toll Inspection Sub-center wishes all friends from all over the country a safe, happy and beautiful summer life.

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