Want to occupy your children and share a friendly moment? This is the opportunity to involve them in the kitchen. To make delicious dishes and desserts in complete safety, discover the tasks you can give them according to their age.

Because cooking is first and foremost about sharing, it is not uncommon for children to also ask to get their hands dirty. Playful and creative, this occupation also allows you to learn while having fun. Mathematics can for example be worked with the proportions of a recipe, when the little ones develop their motor skills through the manipulation of ingredients. It is also a good way to educate the palate of children, and thus make them discover new textures and new tastes. A dish made by them (or in part), it is the assurance of seeing them taste or devour their plate.

However, there is no question of letting them make any recipe on their own. To avoid incidents and share a family moment in peace, find out what tasks to entrust to your little clerk. Before you start, it is also important to learn or remind children of the safety rules to apply behind the stoves. Do not hesitate to show them how to use the necessary utensils for the recipe (grater, peeler, knife, can opener).

Before 2 years:

If it is still a little early to involve baby in the making of the dinner, do not hesitate to take him to the kitchen with you. While seated in his high chair, he will be able to handle certain foods such as fruits or vegetables or play, for example, with wooden or plastic utensils that are unlikely to endanger him. An empty plastic bowl and a wooden spoon will allow toddlers to imitate their parents or to play by developing their motor skills.

From 2 to 3 years:

> Wash and dry fruits and vegetables
> Count the ingredients
> Take the recipe ingredients out of the fridge
> Mix a preparation or knead the dough
> Distribute food on a baking sheet or on a dish (ex: grated cheese on a gratin)
> Fill cake molds
> Incorporate a liquid (milk, oil, etc.) already measured beforehand

From 4 to 6 years old:

> Crack eggs with your help
> Measure and weigh quantities
> Beat a mixture
> Cut food with a round-tipped knife
> Chop herbs with scissors
> Spread a preparation
> Grease a dish or a mold
> Squeeze citrus fruits
> Fill the dishwasher

From 6 to 10 years old:

> Peel fruits or vegetables (use a peeler for example)
> Adjust the oven temperature
> Use baking paper or cling film
> Make a shopping list
> Clean a surface after cooking (table, worktop)

Over 10 years:

> Use hotplates under parental supervision
> Serve hot dishes
> Handle kitchen knives under the supervision of parents
> Make simple recipes on your own
> Grate the cheese
> Handle small household appliances
> Handle and store ingredients in an organized manner

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