Gucci Opens New Ephemeral Stores Called "Pin" – LU

No pop up, but some "Pin": that's what Gucci's ephemeral stores will be called, whose openings will be spread from now until next year and which take their name precisely from the "pin", the markers of the interactive cards digital.

The Gucci Pin from Hong Kong

The openings will take place in different phases in major cities like Paris, Seoul and Hong Kong, and the stores will have a name that reflect the offer offered inside. Each Gucci Pin will then be accompanied – says the house – by an immersive interactive digital experience thanks to the new augmented reality technologies planned for some of these stores, in 2020.

The first stores are dedicated to the Gift Giving 2019 collection, which pays homage to the famous Flora motif by associating it with the Ophidia range, one of the bags lines of the house. In early 2020, the Gucci Pin will open for the year of the mouse in China, dedicated to Mickey Mouse, which will be printed on a collection of ready-to-wear pieces, shoes and accessories, made with the GG motif.

The Gucci Pin GG Psychedelic will open between the end of January and March 2020, and will be dedicated to travel items, accessories and ready-to-wear pieces characterized by the multicolored GG pattern with stars.

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