As efficient as they may be, Huawei's smartphones are now much less attractive since the withdrawal of Google services which will certainly cool more than one. But the unofficial Googlefier app wants to be a game-changer. But is it really safe?

- Googlefier: this app aims to simplify the installation of Google services on Huawei smartphones - Frandroid

The Huawei P40 Pro compatible with Googlefier // Source: Frandroid

With its smartphones from the P and Mate ranges, Huawei is truly positioning itself in the high-end market. The Chinese manufacturer relies mainly on the photo performance of its terminals, which have been praised many times.

However, the embargo imposed by the Trump administration has radically changed the situation, Huawei is no longer able to work with American companies. And that obviously includes Google. The latest models of the brand therefore no longer have Google Play services. This implies, among other things, the withdrawal from the Play Store.

What is Googlefier?

While there are a few back door ways to install Google services on Huawei devices, a new app has recently surfaced: Googlefier. And the process seems accessible to everyone because it is simple. However, questions relating to data protection may arise as we will see later in this article.

Designed by developer bender_007 from the XDA Developers community, Googlefier sets itself apart from other methods by providing a streamlined process that does not require connecting the smartphone to the PC.

- Googlefier: this app aims to simplify the installation of Google services on Huawei smartphones - Frandroid

Googlefier // Source: XDA

Googlefier is therefore an installation wizard for an unofficial version of the Google Play services on Huawei and Honor smartphones. Googlefier is presented as a simple APK file to which the user will have to give a certain number of permissions. In all, the process takes less than 10 minutes and consists of five steps.

Several constraints

Note that if you have already used another method to find the Play Store and Google mobile services (GMS) on your Huawei smartphone, you are advised to completely restore the phone to avoid a number of potential errors. Note also that if you have already updated the EMUI interface to version 11, Googlefier will not be functional. This also means that the newly unveiled Mate 40 Pro is not compatible.

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The developer specifies that most applications will not return notifications. He adds that those making use of Google's geolocation services are quite functional. It is also possible to connect to a service directly with your Google account.

Faced with these limits, bender_007 intends to continue developing its application to support a greater number of smartphones and especially a maximum of configurations. While Googlefier is not yet a miracle solution ensuring that the Play Store is found on Huawei smartphones, it remains a project that fans of the brand will be sure to follow.

Pay attention to the security of your data

The fact that this is an unofficial app may raise security and privacy concerns. About a year ago, a similar solution was acclaimed for the Mate 30 Pro before the software used for it was accused of embedding backdoors compromising the personal data of users.

Thus, the use of Googlefier cannot be recommended at this time as long as there is no more guarantee on these issues.