Google News on Android and iOS now allows for a bilingual news feed

The Google News app has just had a nice evolution. From now on, information flows can be bilingual, to the delight of multilingual mobile users.

It was a little anachronism: in 2019, the application Google Actuality – Google News original version – still persisted to manage only one language at a time, while other variants of the tool, such as the newsflow built into Android, had already freed themselves from this limit. By a blog post, the firm claims to have (finally) corrected the shot. His dedicated application has entered this week's bilingual news era. Specifically, in the language settings of the application, we can now define a second language (but no third) to sift the news. Note that a language must be defined as the choice "primary"and the other as the choice"secondaryIn practice, more content will be offered to the user in his language.primary".

This update has been deployed in Google News for Android and iOS. It is active in 141 countries with 41 languages, allowing many mobile users to follow, for example, the news of their country of origin and country of residence in a single stream. According to figures released by Google, more than 60% of the world's population today consumes news in two or more languages. This novelty should be welcomed – even if one wonders why it did not arrive earlier.

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