Google would now allow Android to use Street View in split screen with the map, which would make it easier to find your way through the streets of a city. 9to5Google discovered that Google is currently rolling out the feature to Android smartphones.

Google Street View is a technology found in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides interactive 360-degree panoramas of many streets around the world.

street view sur pc - Google Maps improves Street View functionality on Android
Street View on PC – Credit: William ZIMMER / Tom’s Guide France

Google Street View was officially launched in France in 2008, and today it is difficult to do without. This feature is very useful for visiting a city from a distance or discovering new places in the world.

However, the first thing most people do on Street View is search for their own accommodation. If you do not want it to appear on Google’s service, we will explain the process to blur the facade of your house.

Street View now split screen on Android

Until now, on Android, it was very difficult to find your way around an unfamiliar city when you turned on the Street View feature. Indeed, on PC, it is already possible to see the map of a city while walking in the streets, but this was not until then not possible on a phone.

Google intends to correct this problem and is currently in the process of deploying the same functionality on Android. According to 9to5Google, it is now possible to use Google Street View in split screen on the Google Maps app. This makes it easier to navigate in a city, because until now you had to tap the screen in the direction you wanted to move through the streets. In 2019, Google announced that it had photographed 19 million kilometers of streets for its Street View feature.

Showing the map on the same screen will make it easier for users to jump from one point to another.t, rather than going back to navigation and relaunching Street View. For the moment, Google would only deploy this feature on Android, the iOS application would not appear to be affected by this update. Apple would prepare its own Street View. We had seen a video showing the operation of an Apple Maps vehicle and its EyeDrive system.

Source: 9to5Google