Google Maps has its Incognito mode on Android: how to activate it?

After Chrome and YouTube, Google activates its "Private Browsing" on Google Maps. That's how it works.

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We already knew the Incognito mode of Google Maps, like the browsing mode of browsers. Incognito mode allows you to search Maps and a route without your account and history holding back anything. Convenient to pick up a gift discreetly, or go to that doctor's appointment that you definitely do not want to have to explain to someone.

The new feature has been made official via a new Google support page that indicates that the incognito mode has been deployed to Google Maps users on Android.

What is incognito mode in Google Maps?

As stated by Google, the incognito mode works like this:

  • Location searches will not be saved in the user history;
  • The location history will not be updated;
  • The location will not be shared with anyone;
  • Usage data will not be used to personalize the Google Maps experience.

How to enable incognito mode in Google Maps?

It's a progressive deployment, so do not be surprised if you do not see the new feature immediately, even if you're using the latest version of Maps. Google says the new mode should be available to all Android users in "the next few days".

  1. Update Google Maps;

  2. Open Google Maps;
  3. Click the user profile icon in the search bar;
  4. Select 'Enable incognito navigation mode'.

Once activated on your account, you can activate / deactivate the incognito mode by pressing the photo of your profile, then switching mode. Here is what it looks like:

incogmapmode - Google Maps has its Incognito mode on Android: how to activate it?

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