Google is accused of constantly spying on users

Google is being sued for permanently geolocating Android users. The state of Arizona is the source of this procedure. The Arizona Attorney General said "even the most innovative companies must comply with the law." Google may have to pay the equivalent of what the company could have earned with the geolocation data collected.

google justice arizona - Google is accused of constantly spying on users
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As Google prepares to officially launch Android 11 on June 3, 2020, the Mountain View firm must deal with new lawsuits. The State of Arizona (United States) has just launched a legal proceedings against the web giant this Thursday, May 28. The reason ? The Californian company would have unbeknownst to geolocation data many Android users.

" Today we have launched consumer fraud lawsuits against Google for deceptive and unfair practices used to obtain user location data, which Google then exploits for its lucrative advertising activities, " announces Mark Brnovich, Attorney General of Arizona.

Google is accused for lying about this data collection. The Arizona courts say that these geolocation data were collected in all cases, even when the GPS functions were disabled manually by users. " It is almost impossible to prevent Google from tracking your movements, even if you are not aware of them or have not given your consent. It’s against Arizona law, and even the most innovative companies must comply with the law. ”, continues the lawyer.

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Prosecutor demands reimbursement of profits

Google obviously refutes this accusation. According to a company spokesperson, all of the brand's products incorporate solid protections in terms of location data. The firm says it has " look forward to re-establishing the truth. " As a reminder, the sale of ultra-targeted advertising space remains one of the main sources of revenue for Google.

Indeed, the company collects a very large amount of personal data via its armada of free applications and services, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome or Google Maps. Arizona justice is trying to point the finger at this business model, which Google would strive to apply at whatever cost, regardless of the goodwill of users.

Mark Brnovich asked the court that Google refunds profits that he was able to gain from the monetization of this data through advertisements to Arizona residents. In addition, Arizona’s anti-fraud laws could result in Google being fined $ 10,000 per offense.

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