Google has stocked up on new features for Android (11)

Since the second beta of the mobile OS, the captive portal API proposed to improve the detection of free Wi-Fi hot spot portals, you know which ones to accept the terms of use and / or specify a code before to be able to surf the Internet. Accessing and / or finding this page should be easier from your smartphone, which users should not mind.

A few weeks later (in August), the third and final beta of Android 11 went live. This serves as a reminder as a Release Candidate before the final version which could arrive on September 8 according to some rumors. Meanwhile, work on Android generally continues, with the addition of new features.

It is therefore a question of sending the default language of the smartphone in addition to geolocation during an emergency call (via the Emergency Location Service, an implementation of the Advanced Mobile Location). Convenient to quickly find someone to talk to in the event of a problem. Google also offers earthquake detection using phones running Android 5.0 or more as seismometers, to make it almost a worldwide network.

New features have been added to Android Auto and Bedtime mode to help you better manage your sleep (falling asleep / waking up to music for example). For accessibility, the Lookout app is updated. It allows you to read long documents and identify food products from their labels.

Finally, there is a change in support for Exchange on Android: “ We've partnered with Microsoft to create a new way to deliver the security IT needs when using Microsoft Exchange, while delivering the privacy employees expect on their personal Android devices. ". Details can be found here.

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