With Android 12 Google Discover will change its look a bit, perhaps giving us a first glimpse of the visual language “Material NEXT”: no more clearer tiles that make entries stand out and room for a more sober and generic presentation. This is not the only controversial change – the news indeed loses the little description that gave a little context before clicking.

google discover android 12 - Google Discover adopts a more generic design, news is losing its hook
Credit: 9to5Google

With the 3rd Developers Preview Android 12 references around a new design language called, we can temporarily imagine, Material NEXT have surfaced. For the moment this new visual language does not seem to be implemented in a uniform way, and we may discover more in the course of the next beta.

It seems, however, that Google Discover is among the first to change its look. Even if we do not know for the moment if this design is really final. Concretely, as you can see in the capture on the front page of this article, the lighter background under each insert, which Google describes as its “cards”, disappears in the profile of a flatter, very generic design.

Google Discover changes design in Android 12

This design is not totally a discovery – it seems indeed to align with the one deployed on iOS for some time. But another radical change strikes with this new Google Discover: the news no longer has a catchphrase, this little description which gave a little context before clicking.

For the time being, we lack official confirmation of the change and an explanation. Obviously this reminds us of the recent sequence of neighboring rights which pitted Google against press groups.

European law now forces Google to negotiate with press groups to have the right to use titles, thumbnails and especially catchphrases in its search results and other services and applications in which this copyrighted content appears.

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This disappearance gives us the impression that Google has planned to make some savings in the context of its agreements with the press groups, but this remains to be confirmed of course. We can see this new design both in the news feed which is to the left of the home on most Android smartphones, or directly in the Google applications.

Source: 9to5Google