Google Assistant tries a new design on Android

Google is currently testing a new, more streamlined interface for its Google Assistant app, with a new organization for suggestions, in chronological order.

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Certainly, Google Assistant gets a lot of interest in voice interactions with the user. Nevertheless, it is also possible to launch the dedicated application on the smartphone to have access at a glance to more information.

This is the application that is currently being redesigned by Google as spotted 9to5Google site. Indeed, the US site reports that a Brazilian user opened the Google Assistant feed this Wednesday to discover a revised interface and corrected the overall aesthetics of the application.

For example, the weather is displayed on this new version with a blue background. The organization of the page is also in chronological order with the upcoming events and the weather of the day, then the events of the week and finally those of the month. Overall, the interface looks much more refined than the one we currently know, with maps for events that rely more on the background, separated not by a solid line, but by simple ones. shading. It is also possible to open each map using a small arrow where the only interaction currently available is a menu to hide these types of commands.

As reported by 9to5Google, it seems to be a test from Google targeting only a limited number of users. As every time in this type of experiment, nothing indicates that this design is ultimately provided to all users of Google Assistant.

Launch the Google Assistant with a simple long press on your home button or by launching a proud "Ok Google", and Google responds to the …

3 reasons to download this application

  • A real voice assistant available at any time
  • Ask all your questions and Google answers them
  • Organize your time intelligently

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