Google Assistant finally works with third-party applications

In a blog post published on October 8, 2020, Google Product Manager Adam Coimbra announced that the Google Assistant will finally work with third-party apps on Android devices.

Not all compatible applications, for the moment

The Mountain View firm's personal assistant regularly acquires new features. For example, it can read and translate web pages in 42 languages, and it is also able to recite text messages received on third-party messengers like WhatsApp and Slack. However, Google's latest announcement will largely extend its use to Android smartphones:

“Opening and searching Android apps using 'Hey Google' is now available for all Assistant-compatible Android phones. It greatly facilitates the daily tasks within an application thanks to the voice. For example, now you can say "Hey Google, search Etsy for cozy blankets" and get what you're looking for straight away. Or if you're looking for something (or someone) specific in an app, just say, "Hey Google, open Selena Gomez on Snapchat."

Concretely, the Google Assistant will finally be able to perform tasks in third-party applications that have been ordered by voice, such as opening trending topics on Twitter for example. In its blog post, Google specifies that for the moment, this is only possible with the 30 most popular applications of the Google Store (and above all, available in English) but that " other applications are coming ".

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Voice shortcuts

Thanks to these new capabilities, the Google Assistant will notably allow “ put on music, accompany you on your jog, post on social networks, order food, reimburse a friend, claim a car »With a simple voice command. You can even ask him to tie the laces of the Nike Adapt, the brand's connected sneakers with the comma. In addition, Google specifies that it will be possible to create voice shortcuts for recurring orders in order to simplify them as much as possible.

This development gives Google Assistant a clear advantage over its big competitor, Siri. However, Apple's personal assistant is expected to improve soon after the Apple-branded acquisition of artificial intelligence startup Inductiv.

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