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Android 11 now available in stable version on smartphones Pixel, Google unveils the "Go" version of its latest mobile operating system.

Like the previous iterations of Android Go, this version 11 is intended for smartphones with low RAM.

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Gesture navigation is required

To make its OS compatible with entry-level smartphones, Google had to compromise menus on the flagship features of Android 11. On the company's blog, we note in particular that everything related to management of the connected home has been put in brackets on Android 11 GB.

Regardless, future users of this accessible version will find their place easily. We note the emphasis Google has placed on gestural navigation, the benefits of which are no longer even in question, even on entry-level smartphones. With these gestures embedded in the very heart of Android Go, users will be able to access their recent apps, as well as launch shortcuts such as taking a screenshot.

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The new display of conversations in notifications. © Google

Another new feature of Android 11 to be found in the Go version: the redesign of the notifications pane, which now includes messages from your cats under a "Conversations" tab. In addition, new features dedicated to data privacy (including granting ad hoc permission to access the location of the phone) obviously find their place on Android 11 GB.

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A 20% faster version than Android 10 GB

The whole point of Android Go is that it can be installed on low power devices. We note however that Google was not able to do as well as last year, since Android 11 GB now requires 2 GB of RAM at least, against 1.5 GB for Android 10 GB. In other words: a device today ' hui compatible with Android 10gb may not be upgradeable.

Never mind, Google promises that apps will launch 20% faster on Android 11 GB than they did on Android 10 GB. This will give an aging smartphone a little makeover.

At The Verge, Google nevertheless clarified that the integration of Android 11 GB on smartphones was left to the appreciation of manufacturers. Also, we do not yet know which models will benefit from this new version.

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