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In order to transform the smartphone into a secure identification device, Google announces the launch of the Android Ready SE alliance.

The smartphone is already used today for internet browsing, GPS, photography, community applications or the control of connected objects. Google wants to be able to interfere more in our lives while meeting high security standards.

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Make the smartphone a real digital wallet

Using the smartphone to store your dematerialized identity card, your e-passport, your electronic wallet or even your driver’s license, the practice is just starting to emerge, but Google intends to popularize it.

To do this, the terminal must have a secure enclave and this is precisely what Google introduced with the Titan M chip within the Pixel 3. For the record, the latter is derived from the Titan chip used on its Cloud infrastructure. .

This chip ensures the integrity of the system in order to prevent the execution of a corrupted or too old version of the operating system. At the same time, it ensures the security of applications and user data within this enclave called “StrongBox”.

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Towards a generalization of StrongBox

On its official blog, the Mountain View firm announces the Android Ready SE Alliance (Secure Element) with several partners. Among the latter, we find Giesecke + Devrient, Kigen, NXP, STMicroelectronics, and the French group Thales.

Google points out that StrongBox is not only for smartphones, but also for smartwatches on WearOS, Android Auto as well as Android TV.

Google is primarily interested in the storage of dematerialized driver’s licenses and identity cards, as well as digital car keys. Once the process is in place, this means that applications will be able to exploit this information without the user having to fear for their personal data.

We imagine, for example, an application allowing to reserve a vehicle communicating with StrongBox to verify the user’s driving license or that it would be possible to hand his smartphone to a police officer so that he scans the data in the frame. an identity check.

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