Google and Oracle in Supreme Court over Android

For Google lawyer Thomas Goldstein, the code should not be protected by intellectual property rights. He adds that Oracle's programming interfaces are nothing without Google's code.

According to Kent Walker, vice president at Google, developers want to be able to innovate and offer their applications on a large number of platforms without fear of being in violation of intellectual property.

For his part, Joshua Rosencranz, defending Oracle, explains that the software industry has experienced strong growth precisely because the copyright code is protected by intellectual property rights. These remarks are echoed in those of Dorian Daley, general counsel of Oracle, who affirms that “ the unfailing protection of intellectual property is at the heart of American innovation ”.

It is interesting that in this matter, Google receives support from Microsoft. At the time when Steve Ballmer was at the head of the company, he nonetheless constantly criticized Google's mobile OS, accusing it precisely of violating several patents, some of which related to Windows.

The current P.-D.G. of Microsoft Satya Nadella, who tends to want to get closer to the Linux and open source communities, has a vision totally opposite to that of his predecessor. The fact that Microsoft has chosen to adopt Android for its next smartphones is probably not unrelated to this.

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