Who says beginning of the month says new Google security patch. In its latest Android security bulletin, Google claims to have corrected in March 2021 no less than 37 security holes detected on its operating system. 31 vulnerabilities are classified as “high risk” while 7 of them represent a “critical” danger. Despite everything, the Mountain View firm is reassuring: no flaw has been exploited by an attacker. Paper does not refuse ink, said my grandmother.

It should be remembered that Google classifies these vulnerabilities according to their dangerousness as well as the ease with which a hacker can exploit them. Potential damage to devices and user data is also considered. As tradition dictates, several flaws this month concern Qualcomm components, and in particular components dedicated to the screen and the photo part.

The most serious of these issues is a critical security vulnerability in the system component that could allow a remote attacker using a specially crafted transmission to execute code arbitrarily ”, specifies the company in its bulletin. As tradition has it, the Google Pixels are the first to receive this update.

Samsung improves in patch distribution

Regarding devices from other brands, it will be necessary to rely on the speed of execution of the manufacturers to deploy the patch. In this game, some are more responsive than others. Samsung was notably among the laggards, but in recent months, the South Korean firm has made efforts in this area. As proof, the March 2021 security update was deployed by the manufacturer on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 on February 27, 2021.

If you want to know if the patch is available on your device, just go to the Settings from your smartphone:

  • Then click on About the device
  • Then go to Software update
  • If an update is available, click Start the update and follow the on-screen instructions (your smartphone may restart after installing the patch)

As a reminder, computer security researchers detected in early February 450 spy applications on the Google Play Store. These apps contained tracking tools developed by a company with a bad reputation.

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Sometimes you will have to go to Security Settings …

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