The iPhone Xr is currently available at its best price of the moment, which you will be able to grab by going to FNAC!

When you love Apple, it’s impossible to put anything other than an iPhone in your pocket. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to run after the hype of the day, and join the bulk of the troops still ensuring the enormous success of the latest iPhone 12 series. Fortunately, there are still alternatives. We can either, on the one hand, move towards the “mid-range” of the iPhone SE 2020 brand, currently available at less than 370 euros, or turn to the previous flagship of Apple whose prices have fallen with the time. And in this area, there is currently a very good deal on the FNAC side, with the iPhone Xr available at an unprecedented price!


iPhone Xr on the FNAC

€ 436.42

iPhone Xr on the FNAC

Indeed, this high-end smartphone, which is normally accessible at the price of 709 euros, is entitled on the site of the French bookseller to a promo lowering its price to 436.34 euros (noted on 03/06 at 12:26 p.m., subject to change). A saving of over 270 euros that you can further increase by putting cashback on the table. And the iPhone Xr is a device that not only benefits from Apple’s inimitable know-how in this sector, but is also a beautiful machine whose 6.1-inch LCD panel will appeal as much to those who want maneuverability as to fans of netflix chill on smartphones. A quality / price ratio not to be missed!