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We knew the prototype of the M8 Coupé of the 90s, but here is an even more fascinating project recently revealed by the "Classic" department of BMW. The "Goldfish" project, also known as "Secret Seven" internally at the brand's propeller brand, designates a Series 7 E34 type engine unique in the world.

You can not find six-cylinder in-line, or V8, or even V12 under the hood of this 767iL manufactured in single copy by BMW in 1987 (and never produced in series).

V16 of 405 horses

No, the machine ships a 6.6-liter V-16, developing 405 horsepower. A figure not particularly impressive nowadays, but much more at the time when the bar of 400 horses was crossed by only a few supercars. Note the radiator at the rear and the gigantic air intakes in front of the rear wheels.

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