Despite the tips shared by authorities and groups specialized in outdoor experiences, men and women follow getting lost in the different mountains from the country.

Andrea Fierro Garzón and Natalia Medina they were the last adventurers to experience that negative episode. Both got lost in the Los Ilinizas Ecological Reserve.

Édison Rivera – navigator and mountaineer – mentions that several of these experiences are lived for lack of a specialized guide. Many people tend to opt for promotions and they go on adventures led by makeshift guides, for example.

On other occasions, however, they are carried away by emotion and they start the journey between friends. In both cases, the lack of orientation plays a trick on them.

Prior to these trips, the suggestion is attending orientation courses when it comes to demanding mountains such as The Ilinizas. In this season, specialized clubs They have chosen to go on family outings to identify landmarks in some natural settings.

That knowledge it is valid even when the experience is lived with people with sufficient knowledge, as it provides confidence.

For a safe experience

Behind the health emergency, the offer of outdoor activities has increased. They are promoted through different social networks

The key to selecting the agency Appropriate – Rivera points out – consists of verifying that it has certified guides who, usually, are part of the Ecuadorian Mountain Guide Association (ASEGUIM). They, together with the Operation and Rescue Group (GOE), precisely, found Garzón and Medina.

Condition your body and mind

Before joining a adventure medium or high mountain, the expert suggests trying simpler and less ‘dangerous’ mountains to prepare the body and mind.

The Called, in the Los Chillos Valley, is a good alternative. That mountain has several walking trails; it is advisable to first select those that are marked.

Clues to return safely

Mark the route is another recommendation. Even the guides more experienced to ensure a return happy. Rivera explains that this is how they have rescued several people who for some reason separated from the group.

Walk as a couple

Experts explain that losses are also avoided by grouping companies persons in pairs or in groups of 3. Between all of them there are cheer up to continue the tour.

Being in a group also gives strength and calm in case you lose sight of the tour leader.

Basic team

After taking the orientation course, the map and the compass will be part of the luggage of every mountaineer. This will make it easier to return home safely. It is also suggested to undertake the adventure carrying one or more whistles, with a charged cell phone and with a flashlight. I carried batteries Additional features.